Tangled Coloring Pages PDF to Print

Tangled is the story of a girl imprisoned in a tower without a door, Rapunzel. It is one of the Disney animated movies. Now you can get the coloring pictures of this film on this page. Happy coloring.

Rapunzel is the daughter of the king, which has long magical hair.  She locked up in the high tower, but on the 18th birthday, the girl is increasingly obsessed with the idea of discovering the world.

Tangled Coloring Pages to Print

Rapunzel catches him, takes the backpack containing the jewels, and keeps him hostage until he decides that if he makes it to the festival, she will give him the bag in return.

To distract his mother, Rapunzel asks for a special paint made from shells for his birthday, which would take her three days to get it.

Rapunzel and Flynn leave the tower and end up involved in several accidents, and as time goes by, they end up respecting and depending on each other.

At one point, Rapunzel reveals his story to Flynn. Mama Gothel said that people wanted Rapunzel because of his magic hair, and so she was locked in the tower for her safety.

However, if her hair were cut, she would lose its power, and it would change color. Mama Gothel ends up finding out about Rapunzel’s escape, following her, and facing the same.

When Rapunzel refuses to come home, Gothel says the only reason Flynn is with her is that he wants the bag with the jewels. Gothel also hires two bad guys for a bigger scheme.

During the festival, Rapunzel and Flynn get closer and start falling in love before he takes her out on a boat to see the floating lights finally.

The story ends up with the two of them got married, and they lived happily ever after.

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