Cinderella Coloring Pages PDF

Cinderella is one of Disney’s great animation classics. This princess is known and adored by many little girls. Find images of Cinderella to print!

After her father’s death, Cinderella found herself alone with a stepmother who loved only her two daughters, Anastasia and Javotte, selfish, ugly, and wicked. But her fairy godmother, who was watching over her, magically transformed a pumpkin into a carriage to take her to Prince Charming’s ball.

Cinderella Coloring Pages

When the invitation to the royal ball arrives, she does everything she can to persuade her mother that she has as much right as anyone else to be there.

Her stepmother makes a big difference between Cinderella and her daughters. Cinderella is then condemned to dress in rags and must take care of all the chores, from preparing their meals to cleaning the ashes from the chimney. For this reason, she is nicknamed “Cinderella”.

We know the rest that the Prince announces that he will marry the girl to whom this slipper will go, and he makes her try it on by all the young girls of the kingdom, from princesses and duchesses to the ladies of the court.

When her sisters try it on and do not succeed, she laughingly offers to try it on. It suits her very well. She puts on the other slipper she had kept in her pocket.

Her godmother arrives, transforms her clothes in an even more beautiful way, and everyone recognizes her. The Prince then marries her, and Cinderella, as good as beautiful, marries her sisters to two gentlemen of the court.

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