Valentine Day Coloring Pages PDF

This page is special for all lovers. There are pictures with hearts and Cupid’s arrows, happy lovers, but also jewelry. With these pictures you can easily create very personal gifts for your beloved. A few ideas: Love letters or cards, surprises, gift vouchers or something else dear.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th and is considered to be the day of lovers, although according to malicious tongues it is slandered as a mere marketing measure by florists and chocolate manufacturers.

Valentine Day Coloring Pages

Valentine’s Day was originally the commemoration day for Bishop Valentine of Terni. There are many legends surrounding this saint. For example, he is said to have married soldiers even though it was forbidden.

Another story says that he gave flowers from his garden to lovers. The tradition of celebrating romantic love on this day developed in the 14th century. In Germany, Valentine’s Day did not become (again) popular until after the Second World War.

Saint Valentin is considered the “Father of Valentine’s Day”. He lived in the 3rd century and was bishop of Interamna, today’s Terni in Umbria in central Italy. Many traditions also speak of a Valentine of Rome.

It is possible that this is the same person. Nowadays, there are so many myths and legends about Valentine of Terni that it can be assumed that the stories of different people have been mixed up, or that some of them are simply invented or have been passed down incorrectly.

It is certain that Valentin of Terni died a martyr. He was allegedly executed on 14 February 269 AD. 200 years later the church therefore established 14 February as a day of remembrance. Thus Valentine’s Day came into being in the original sense.

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