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Wolves are nocturnal animals that live on the continents of Asia, America, Europe and North Africa. Wolves live in groups with their families. So, one wolf group consists of only one wolf father, one wolf mother, and several wolf cubs.

Wolf’s father is the leader in the group. As a leader, the wolf father will take care of his family and territory. If there are wolves or other animals that interfere, the wolf father does not hesitate to fight and defeat him. It was a form of affection from the wolf father for his family!

Wolf Coloring Pages Collection

The wolf family loves to travel. Within a day, they can travel as far as 20 kilometers. Usually, they walk while hunting for food. In addition to traveling, the wolf family also likes to chat (howling) with his closest friends in the family.

Wolves usually communicate by howling and leaving a smell in their tracks. For parents, you should try to provide the wolf coloring pages for your children as learning material for coloring.

Children will definitely be very interested and love the activity of coloring pictures of animals. Apart from being a material for children’s coloring learning activities, the pictures can also be a place to recognize the names of animals to your children. You also can tell the children about their habitat and ways of life this wild animal.

Download Wolf Coloring Pages PDF