Adventure Time Coloring Pages PDF Printable

Finn the Human and Jake, the dog are lives in a colorful post-human universe. It populated by sweet creatures, magical entities, animals, and an endless gallery of bizarre characters.

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Adventure Time Coloring Pages Printable

Various objects and fragments of memory discreetly reveal a past that became this post-apocalyptic world of living candy.

Adventure Time takes on the spirit of old fairy tales and fantastic legends. Finn is the personification of the romantic hero, armed with a sensitive heart and a committed moral conscience.

On the other hand, he is also the representation of the noblest features of childhood. His thirst for justice goes hand in hand with his need for fun and laughter.

Jake is the embodiment of imagination. His malleable body, capable of taking on more than a thousand forms, is the clay of the creativity that faithfully follows his companion through childhood.

This is the staging of the survival of childhood, defender of values, and free from the complexes and locks of thought that come with the years.

Pendleton Ward, the creator of the series, has declared that one of his main influences, and that of a large part of the creative team, is the game of Dungeons and Dragons.

With five seasons under his belt, and just like the premise of the game mentioned, a progressive development can be perceived in each of the characters and the general plot.

It should be stressed that the “adventures” are not limited to the two main characters. The secondary characters complement a simple, but at the same time complex, a plotline that reconfigures the roles and attributes of each one of them.

This is because they do not obey specific profiles that limit their activities in the narrative. Among them, we can find a princess who puts reason above the heart, an evil king tormented by lack of love or a rebellious vampire who hides a fragile inner child.

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