Princess Merida Coloring Pages PDF

In ancient Scotland, Princess Merida lives with her parents, King Elinor and King Fergus, and her mischievous triplet brothers. From a very young age, Merida was passionate about freedom and adventure.

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Princess Merida Coloring Pages

Elinor stubbornly tries to fit her daughter into a mold that was not made for her, and consequently, the relationship between them becomes increasingly tense and complicated.

Elinor, who only wants the best for her daughter, tries to force Merida to marry one of the ungraceful firstborn sons of the leaders of the allied clans; for this purpose, the Atlas Land Games are organized in the kingdom, which is held to compete for the hand of the princess.

According to tradition, the princess has the right to choose the main event of the competition, so naturally, Merida chooses the archery. This allows her to compete and fight for her hand because she is also the firstborn of a king.

To everyone’s amazement, the princess not only challenges her parents (especially her mother) by claiming her hand in marriage but also wins the competition and makes a fool of the other contestants.

Very annoyed, Elinor reproaches Merida for endangering the kingdom because of her spoiled nature. Soon, the argument between mother and daughter becomes heated and violent.

The young princess ends up running away with her horse into the forest full of anger and resentment. Once in the woods, she finds some magical lights that guide her to the cave of a witch.

She negotiates with Merida and helps her to create a spell with which the princess believes she will be able to change her mother’s attitude, but once she gives it to her, the queen ends up turning into a bear.

With her mischievous brothers, Merida manages to get her mother out of her home without her father noticing. Then, her father has held a grudge against the bears since he lost a leg in a battle with a fierce bear.

Mérida is, in short, a princess of arms to take. She is decisive, stubborn, ambitious, and a bit selfish and spoiled. She has an incredible bow and arrow skills: she is not a damsel in distress who needs a prince to rescue her.

In short, this redheaded princess breaks all the stereotypes of a conventional princess, and we could not love her more for it. Merida has many unique qualities, but, above all, Princess Merida is Valiente!

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