Angry Bird Coloring Pages PDF

Are you looking for Angry Birds coloring picture? You’re right here. The Angry Bird is a popular game; it has an extensive collection of lovely coloring pictures.

Below you will find our collection of Angry Birds coloring pictures. On this page, we have collected a lot of images of Angry Birds to print and color. Have fun with them!

Angry Bird Coloring Pages

The game aims are destroying all the pigs. Explosive crates and rocks can be found in higher levels of the game. These materials can be used by the birds to reach challenging to destroy pigs.

Each level starts with the number of the birds in front of the big catapul. When all pigs have been destroyed, the level is completed. Cheers and a piece of music indicate the finished level; then, it is possible to play the next level. If not all pigs are destroyed, a honey grunt follows.

You can get points for destroying a pig, but also by damaging pigs. You also get points if the parts of the construction consisting of ice and wood are damaged. Bonus points are available for all unused birds. When completing a level, the player receives one, two, or three stars, depending on the score achieved. Players can repeat each level to achieve the highest possible score.

An animated film about the Angry Birds was also made in 2016: the Angry Birds Movie. A sequel film will be released in the autumn of 2019. Generally, the film tells about the birds trying to get back their stolen egg from the green pigs as well as in the game.

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