Balloon Coloring Pages PDF

Coloring a balloon will introduce us to one of the first aircraft. Now the balloon is not often seen, except at the exhibition of aircraft.

This coloring will provide an opportunity, if not to fly above the ground, then, armed with pencils and paints, to create their own.

Balloon Coloring Pages

Civil aviation once started with balloons: airplanes and helicopters were as if they were on foot before the moon, and people began to fly balloons back in the 18th century.

When the Mongolian brothers invented the famous balloon, they had no idea that centuries later, their invention would have so many fans.

In the framework of import substitution, the story tells that the first heat balloon was built half a century before by the Russian inventor Kryakutnaya became popular.

Still, it is just a hoax created after the French flight and steamed in Soviet times. Balloon flying, famous not only among fans of the sky but also among hunters for new experiences, occupies a special place among the entertainment.

This is a unique opportunity to see breathtaking panoramas. The modern passenger balloon is rightly called a thermal balloon, or a Mongolian balloon, after the name of the Mongolian brothers who made their first flight on an aircraft of this type in 1783.

Download Balloon Coloring Pages PDF