Printable Snow White Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you can find the snow white coloring pictures to print. Please choose your favorites then color them as you like. They are waiting for you to be colored, so happy coloring.

Snow White is a beautiful, charming, gentle girl. Everyone loved her very much, except the queen, because she was afraid that Snow White would become more beautiful than her.

Printable Snow White Coloring Pages

Snow White washed the dishes, the clothes and swept the house in the forest. Upstairs, he found seven walks next to each other. The girl was so tired that she put the beds together, lay down, and slept.

The owners of the hut were seven little dwarfs who, on returning home, were startled to see everything tidy and clean. The seven little men climbed the stairs and were very surprised to find a beautiful young woman sleeping in their beds.

One day, the queen decided to consult her mirror again and discovered that the princess was still alive. She was furious. She made a poisonous potion, which she put inside an apple, and turned into a bad old lady.

The next day, the dwarves went out to work, and Snow White was left alone. Shortly after, the old maltrapila arrived near the window of the kitchen. The princess offered her a glass of water and talked to her.

The same instant she bit the apple, the princess collapsed on the floor. The little dwarfs found Snow White fallen as if she were sleeping. Then they put her in a beautiful crystal casket in a clearing and kept watch night and day, hoping that one day she would wake up.

One day a prince of the neighboring kingdom came to the clearing, and as soon as he saw Snow White, he fell in love with her. He asked the dwarves to let him take the princess’ body to his castle and promised that he would watch over her.

When the girl saw the prince, she fell in love with him. Snow White said goodbye to the seven dwarves and left with the prince for a distant castle where they married and went happily ever after.

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