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Birds are animals that are part of the fauna of the whole world, there is a great variety of birds, and all of them are characterized by their body covered with feathers and wings to be able to fly, although not all of them can do it.

We leave you today, on this page, a few drawings of different kinds of birds to print and paint.

Bird Coloring Pages

We can think that the ammunition of birds is wings. It means that locomotion for flight is their wings, which are their forelimbs, and the beak is their instrument of apprehension, lacking teeth. Its skeleton is ossified.

Most birds fly, but insects and bats also fly, although, in birds, the movement is faster because of their plumage, which helps them to hold on in the air. The tail feathers provide steering and braking.

There are many different sizes, but all flying birds have an aerodynamic body and fine, powerful muscles. Birds are terrestrial vertebrates that have their bodies covered with feathers, and their forelimbs transformed into wings.

They all have two legs. They have a beak and a tail. They breathe through their lungs, and their circulation is double and complete Their body temperature is unchanged.

Bird’s diet can be carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous. They have no teeth, but the food is crushed by a muscular stomach called “gizzard”. Their reproduction is sexual, and their fertilization is internal.

It is done by the union of the male and female sewers. They reproduce by eggs, but they take care of their children until they grow up and can leave the nest. Birds are the birds, the hen, the pigeon, the eagle, etc.

Birds emerged as flying creatures, arboreal and warm-blooded, with front legs adapted for flying and hind legs for perching. The basic plan has been modified in the evolution course that, in some ways, it is difficult to recognize.

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