Candy Cane Coloring Pages PDF To Print

Do you like a candy cane? This page is so sweet because you can get these candies by browsing this page. There are printable candy cane coloring pictures below. So happy coloring.

The candy cane is a hard candy whose traditional shape has a white color decorated with red spiral lines and is flavored with mint.

Candy Cane Coloring Pages To Print

In the United States, the myth was also spread that its inventor was a candy manufacturer from Indiana who wanted to pay homage to Christ by celebrating his birth at Christmas.

If there are historical references to the 18th-century candy cane, that story cannot be accurate. Also, it is said that Christians used it to decorate their homes at Christmas in a secret way to avoid persecution, but this also does not make sense since the persecutions of Christians had ended many centuries earlier.

The most famous legend regarding its origin places it in the cathedral of the German city of Cologne. It is said that, in the 18th century, the choirmaster commissioned a baker to make sweets for the children of the town, as they made a lot of noise during the Christmas celebrations.

The master supposedly asked that they are shaped like canes, to remind the children of the shepherds who visited the Child Jesus or symbolizing Christ himself in his role as shepherd. It is To justify the sweet treats during the services,

What does seem clear is that candy canes were created in Central Europe around the end of the 18th century, at least in their primitive state, and arrived in American lands through immigration.

It was not until the end of the 19th century, and especially in the early years of the 20th century, that candy cane began to be associated with the Christmas holidays.

The curious thing is that this candy needed to be folded by hand when it was still hot to give it the shape of a cane, which made it more expensive and slowed down its mass production.

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