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Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most famous and appreciated dishes in the world. It is one of the Italian’s favorite national dishes. There is a collection of delicious Pizza below. Let’s check this out.

Millions of pizzas are consumed every day in Italy, and the numerous pizzerias in the historical centers of Italy are an obligatory stop for the tourists who visit them.

Delicious Pizza Coloring Pages

Its ingredients – tomato, mozzarella, and basil – represent the three colors of the Italian flag. We also have simple Marinera, with tomato, garlic, oil, and oregano.

Full of ingredients are the Caprichosa and the Four Seasons, made with, besides tomato and mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, ham, olives, and, in the first one, boiled egg.

One of the ingredients that foreigners like is onion and peppers. Spicy fans will order a Diavola with the famous Calabrian salami.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of varieties of Pizza and of ways to season it that make even more tasty this product of built-in Italy, known and, above all, loved all over the world.

Not to mention the purists the Pizza that some countries make with pineapple and fruit. They will not understand.

Its recipe is straightforward and includes few and genuine ingredients: wheat flour, fresh brewer’s yeast, water, and salt.

Once the dough is obtained, it must be left to ferment: the longer it is gone, the more digestible it will be.

The dough is carefully worked into shape and cut, and after other phases of fermentation, it is rolled out, and the ingredients are added on top to put it in the wood-fired oven.

It is essential to spread the Pizza not using the rolling pin, but with your hands to ensure a much better result in terms of sponginess and final dough consistency.

Last but not least, the oven should be turned on a long time before it reaches its maximum temperature.

Download Pizza Coloring Pages PDF