Free Crabs Coloring Pages For Kids


All of us are interested in crabs, funny sea dwellers. Shells, big claws, and they also walk sideways. You can get acquainted with these sea creatures on this page.

Crab is one of the inhabitants of the sea depths and, less often, of freshwater bodies. Its external features: a round shell body with slightly bulging eyes and 1-4 pairs of limbs. The anterior ones look like claws and are mostly marginally more significant.

Crabs Coloring Pages

The crab is an animal that belongs to the crustacean family. They are invertebrate animals. Like all crustaceans, his body is covered with a reliable chitin layer. It has developed sensory organs – vision and the ability to capture odors with the help of mustaches.

Numerous species inhabit all seas and oceans; some settle in shallow waters and others at impressive depths of up to 5 km. Their scrappy character and isolated lifestyle distinguish them. They live alone in dug-out minks or among rocks and furiously defend their refuge using the front pair of massive claws.

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There are several species of crab, such as Blue Crab, Chinese Crab, Snow Crab, Coral Crab, etc. There are sea crabs, freshwater crabs, and land crabs. All of them have five pairs of legs, the first of which is shaped like claws.

Their bodies are shaped like a circle and are brown on the back and paler on the belly. The male is larger than the female. Outside of the water, he keeps water in his gills to be able to breathe, and he doesn’t use oxygen.

The crab walks sideways, and that doesn’t slow it down. Some crabs dig burrows in the sand and come out of them so quickly that they are called ghost crabs. Crabs are useful because they clean the sand, but they are aggressive to young turtles and their eggs. They are carnivorous and also feed on mollusks.

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The crab molts regularly to allow it to grow. After the female has molted, her skeleton empties. She can lay thousands of eggs that settle beneath her belly until they hatch.

Some species of crab are poisonous. The Cook Islands white crab and tropical reef crab, to name a few, are considered the most poisonous. Crab fishing is quite popular, especially for paws and claws, which are quite a sought-after delicacy.