Gorilla Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

A funny gorilla has decided to star in this page. It is ideal for your children to enjoy the beauty while they color it and discover a new animal of the jungle.

Gorillas belong to the genus Gorilla and are divided into two species, which are Western Gorilla and Eastern Gorilla. Also, these primates have genetic compositions that are similar to those of humans.

Gorilla Coloring Pages For Kids

However, when gorillas or their families feel threatened or in danger, these primates can become very aggressive to defend themselves. Likewise, gorillas are usually friendly and interact with other subspecies and species most of the time.

Gorillas are herbivorous animals, which means that their diet is mainly based on vegetables. Although they are large in appearance and proportion, they only feed on leaves, stems, herbs, roots, fruits, fungi, and shoots.

Also, gorillas have a large and strong jaw, which is their jawbone, allowing them to consume and crush the hard stems they eat.

Gorillas live in groups of 2 to 30 individuals, and in each group, there is a mature male or better known as a silverback who will lead them.

On the other hand, the habitat where gorillas are found will depend on whether they are western or eastern gorillas, as well as on the subspecies they belong to.

However, gorillas use not one but two beds where they sleep. These beds are made of leaves and dry grass to sleep in at night, while during the day they build a smaller foundation to rest after they have eaten or to shelter from the rain.

The next day the gorillas leave their beds to go somewhere else, as this way, they can keep themselves healthy and clean and avoid parasites while moving around.

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