Deadpool Coloring Pages PDF

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Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson, who adopts the alter ego Deadpool after a rogue experiment that made him with accelerated healing powers, and a dark, twisted sense of humor. Color these coloring pages based on Deadpool, a unique character in the Marvel universe.

Deadpool Coloring Pages

Since the human experiments often caused deaths and therefore had a high mortality rate, other participants in the research bet on who would die last. To do this, they placed their money in a pot called the “dead pool”.

Since Wade Wilson survived the experiment, he won the money pot and also chose the nickname “Deadpool” for himself.

Deadpool is also originally from Marvel. But the license rights have been held by the competing studio Fox for years. That’s why Deadpools adventures don’t play in Marvel’s widely ramified film cosmos but overlap with the X-Men.

He likes to talk about that a lot, often directly to the audience. The films are peppered with insider jokes, parodies, “South Park”-like humor and a lot of self-irony. Deadpool is a hero to all those who hate superhero movies.

The action is correspondingly bloody and brutal. Deadpool mows, hacks, and shoots down everything that gets in his way and has a lot of fun doing it. In his second film, however, he gets a sound thrashing: The grumpy killing machine Cable is too big for Deadpool alone.

Deadpool found his super-team: The X-Force. Comic book readers are probably familiar with this, as there were several teams with this name. Funny haters will not be bothered by the allusion without raising too many questions.

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