Dinosaurs Coloring Pages PDF for Kids

Dinosaurs are one of the oldest beings known in the history of our planet, so the youngest in the house must know about them. For this reason, we have the collection of dinosaurs coloring pages below. So have fun.

Dinosaurs are the animals that disappeared before man appeared on Earth. About 66 million years ago, the dinosaurs were wiped off the Earth’s surface by a gigantic asteroid, as powerful as a billion atomic bombs. Now they are gone.

Dinosaurs Coloring Pages for Kids

Appearing in the Triassic about 240 million years ago, they almost all disappeared about 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous, leaving only birds as representatives of this clade. Fossilized remains of dinosaurs can be found all over the planet, especially in the Badlands of North America, but also in Morocco, Argentina, and Mongolia.

There are two main types of dinosaurs according to the morphology of their basins, namely saurischians and ornithischians. Saurischians included sauropods (herbivores, the largest of the dinosaurs, such as the titanosaurs) and theropods (carnivores, such as Tyrannosaurus rex).

Ornithischians were very varied, and all herbivorous (examples: Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops). A group of theropods (dromaeosaurids) is classically presented as the group from which the birds originated.

The general public generally thinks that several large, reptile-like animals during the Mesozoic, such as mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and pterosaurs, were dinosaurs, but this is not the case. They were marine and flying reptiles, but they will also disappear with the non-avian dinosaurs at the time of the famous KT crisis, at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, about 66 million ago.

This great extinction is most certainly the combination, but in poorly understood proportions and following an equally enigmatic causality in the ecosystem of the Deccan eruptions in India and the impact of the celestial body that created the Chicxulub astrobleme in Yucatan.

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