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Dogs are mammals that are the result of domestication of the wolf Canis lupus. One animal that has a high level of intelligence and loyalty is used as a pet at home.

Because the social instincts that dogs have are the same as humans. He can be trained, socializing, and also playing. Even some people also consider them as family by giving the name of the dog.

Dogs Coloring Pages Collection

There are many breeds of dogs such as Beagle breeds, The Bichon Havanais, Chihuahua breeds, Siberian Husky breeds, Type of Pug Dog,  Breed of Labrador Retriever, Dalmatian breeds, Rottweiler breeds, Maltese breed, Poodles, and many more.

In some countries, brown-eyed dogs with muscular bodies are widely used as sniffer dogs by law enforcement agencies because they have a sharp sense of smell.

Physical characteristics is  long ears, black, white and yellow-brown tri-color coat. While Bichon Havanais as a small dog breed from Cuba, has wavy fuzz with variations in white, beige, gray, and brown.

One of the most favorable kind of dogs is Chihuahua breeds. Chihuahua much maintained because of its unique and very small. Even when puppies, these dogs are often mistaken for hamsters.

Another unique feature of the chihuahua is its small flat face and ears that stand so it resembles a cat. The texture of the fur is very thin, short and sometimes bald with variations in white, black, beige, brown, and yellow. It’s Characteristics is brave, alert, agile, fast, and filial.

From some explanations above, it can be inferred, that dogs coloring pages is very suitable for children coloring picture media. It can be mood boaster for children, besides that student can learn many kind of dogs’ breed.

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