Finding Nemo Coloring Pages PDF

Here, you can find Finding Nemo coloring pictures for children, young people, and adults. Finding Nemo is an animated film from Pixar Animation Studios, which was distributed by Walt Disney and Buena Vista.

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Finding Nemo Coloring Pages

He swims after them and finally finds Nemo away from the school class as he curiously admires a boat floating on the sea with his new friends.

As a kind of test of courage, the young fish outdo each other in getting closer to the boat. Marlin and Nemo get into an argument, and Nemo swims furiously towards the ship.

He touches it defiantly and is suddenly caught by a diver who disappears into the boat and drives off with Nemo. Marlin tries to swim after the ship in a panic, but soon he loses sight of it.

The desperate Marlin meets Dory, who is suffering from a loss of short-term memory. Dory helps Marlin to find his son, Nemo. Meanwhile, Nemo has reached his new home. In the practice of a dentist, he has landed in an aquarium, where he makes friends with the other fish.

Soon they realize that Nemo is meant to be a present for Darla, the dentist’s niece, who is considered a fish murderer. Desperately, the aquarium inhabitants search for a way to save Nemo from his fate.

The halter fish Khan takes the escape plans. He tries to save the other inhabitants as well and explains to Nemo that the only chance is to block the aquarium filter with a small stone so that the aquarium gets dirty.

So the dentist puts them all into small water bags. Then they should roll out of the window and across the street to the nearby sea.

Marlin and Dory, on the other hand, are lucky in misfortune in the ocean: they fight their way through a field of dangerous jellyfish, at the end of which they meet the OAS directly, where the sea turtle Crush picks them up. Finally, Marlin and Dory can find Nemo then bring him back to home.

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