Tornado Coloring Pages PDF Printable

Be careful because, on this page, there are tornado coloring pictures. You can print then color them with your favorite colors. Happy coloring.

When a fast, cold wind at high altitude crosses with a warm breeze blowing close to the ground, their encounter causes the horizontal rotation of the air.

Tornado Coloring Pages Printable

If this encounter of shearing winds takes place in a thunderstorm cloud, the cumulonimbus cloud, then the warm thunderstorm air stream lifts this rotating air tube and raises it vertically.

This swirling column of air is called a mesocyclone, which gradually stretches downwards and eventually reaches the ground, at which point the phenomenon is called a tornado.

A tornado usually begins with an extremely violent thunderstorm called a supercell thunderstorm. However, for a tornado to form, other particular weather conditions are required.

First, the warm air must move upward toward the thunderstorm clouds. As this air rises, it gains speed, creating an updraft. As more air is drawn into the updraft, it can change direction and gain momentum.

The updraft also carries moisture towards the clouds. The clouds can hold this moisture and later use it to fuel the tornado.

If all of these conditions are met, a vortex (rotating air) forms within the storm. This vortex is called a mesocyclone, and it looks like a funnel-shaped cloud.

Fresh, dry air is wrapped around the mesocyclone, creating a downdraft. This causes a massive temperature difference between the air inside and outside the mesocyclone.

The lower part of the mesocyclone tightens and causes the winds to rotate faster. From there, the mesocyclone sinks into the storm. If it reaches the moisture that was previously held in the storm clouds, moisture will be sucked into the funnel.

In this way, the mesocyclone will have the power to become the massive wall of rotating clouds we call a tornado!

Tornadoes can be very violent because of the extremely high speed of the rotating wind. Wind speeds in a tornado can range from 180 km/h to 400 km/h.

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