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In the category Fishing, you will find various motifs on the subject of sport for printing and coloring. Here you will surely find what you are looking for. The fisherman in the river has caught a big fish. Give your child his crayons and let him color them.

Fishing is not a simple hobby, not a sport, although it is sometimes called sport fishing to distinguish it from professional fishing. After all, fishing is about dealing with a living creature, which must be treated with respect.

Fishing Coloring Pages

There is no well-defined landmark in history for the invention of the hook, much less who invented it. The oldest fossils of this instrument, however, date back about 30,000 years in the past.

Everything indicates that the first hooks were made of wood, but because it is a loose material, the forest was abandoned, giving room for materials such as horns, shells, stones, and bones.

After the use of metals for hooks, no significant evolution was noticed until the last centuries, especially in the coming decades. Nowadays, the hook has become a typical instrument of sport fishing, since it is not the most recommended medium for large scale capture of fish.

When, in Prehistory, the man began to try to capture more than one specimen of fish at the same time, he abandoned individual collection on water bodies and started to use dams. In a primitive way, these dams were built with loose stones, taking advantage of the natural relief and morphology of the river.

Everything indicates that, later on, when man learned to produce natural fibers, he started to manufacture the first fishing nets. Still very rudimentary, the nets evolved, specifying the space between the knots and the thickness of the fiber.

The material also used varied, evolving to the use of synthetic fibers, more resistant and less susceptible to degradation in water.

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