Flower Coloring Pages PDF

Here you will find flower coloring pictures. Here you will find painting pictures on different topics of the flower world. A flower greeting lets the heart speak. But also in nature, they delight our hearts in every season.

Giving flowers is always possible. No matter whether it’s for a company anniversary, Mother’s Day, or a birthday – Say it with flowers is common advice when it comes to honoring an occasion or a person. But flowers are much more than just an embarrassing gift.

Flower Coloring Pages

As the saying goes, “Let flowers speak.” And there are plenty of ways to give them away. But apart from the red rose, which is a well-known symbol of true love, few people know that almost all flowers have a meaning. Its appearance and effect often create this symbolism, but the color is also decisive.

A bouquet is always suitable as a souvenir or as a guest gift. We provided that the flowers also convey the right message. If the wrong flower is chosen unintentionally, an “I love you” (red rose) might turn into an “I am undecided” (daisy).

The art of conveying secret messages with flowers probably comes from ancient Persia. Lovers could not meet informally because of strict etiquette and moral codes. So the flowering beauties were used to circumvent social rules and still express their feelings.

In general, however, not only the flower itself plays a role. Their colors also express something. Red stands for love, pink for longing, and tenderness. Yellow is the color for happiness, but it can also imply envy and jealousy. Blue is the color of hope and loyalty, and violet stands for lust, closeness, and intimacy.

Do you know the expression: Say something through the flower? Three hundred years ago, it became fashionable in Europe to say something through the gift of rose, violet & Co. to send messages that did not require words or gestures. The red rose has survived until today as a symbol of love.

Already in ancient China, there was a flower writing. And the Egyptians and Greeks also let plants speak. For example, vine leaves stood for joie de vivre, walnuts for wisdom, and laurel for fame.

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