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Since centuries ago, the ocean had kept mysteries and haunted stories like sea monsters. This is what causes ocean exploration to be an adventure that is considered challenging by many people.

One creature that often emerges from past stories is a mermaid. The myths about mermaids are manifold. Each story has a different depiction of characters, origins, and personalities.

Mermaid Coloring Pages Collection

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One of the depictions of mermaids is in the Oddysey mythology which originated in Ancient Greece. In this mythology there is a character named Siren. Sirens are described as having a bird-shaped body and flying swiftly to seduce sailors.

Over time, the figure of the Siren is finally described as a mermaid who has a fish tail. She is well known as good mermaid  because helping lost seamen to find their way home.

Chistopher Columbus has also seen strange creatures on his trip to the Dominican Republicwhen he did sea exploration.

He described the creature as a mermaid in ancient mythology. The sea animals found by Columbus today are known as manatees. This mammal is in the Sirenia order, the name is taken from the figure of the Siren.

But, many children also know the mermaid called Ariel. A mermaid characters made of Disney picture. Ariel has a green mermaid and purple shells.

When he first became a human, Ariel wore a Scuttle shirt made of ivory colored tarpaulin tied with rope. At Eric’s palace, she is given a pink dress with visible shoulders. White earrings are also long. Her nightgown is also pink.

Ariel’s red hair is thick and long. His bangs popped forward. His big eyes are turquoise sea blue. Her body is quite small and slim. His lips are red.

Ariel first appeared on The Little Mermaid (1989) as a sixteen-year-old mermaid who was very interested in the human world.

The appearance of mermaid is very unique and rare so that this creature is very good to becomeĀ  pictures media in coloring pages. Children will be very interested to study and do coloring subject.

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