Werewolf Coloring Pages PDF

The werewolf is a character that has been feared by humans throughout history. Legend has it that he transforms into a wolf on the nights of the full moon.

If The werewolf bites a human, he will also turn into a werewolf. Now you have such a dreaded monster within your reach so you can have a great time coloring it.

Werewolf Coloring Pages

Most modern references agree that a silver bullet can kill a werewolf. Although this is a product of contemporary narrative and does not appear in traditional legends.

As an additional fact, in modern versions, the idea was added that there had been an intense rivalry between vampires and werewolves because they belong to the same race of creatures.

In some countries and cultures, other animals play the role of the werewolf. In Africa, for example, it is still believed that hyenas or leopard men are the enemy of humans.

In India, it was thought that tigers were capable of turning into humans to attract them. In the Colombian, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and Brazilian Amazon, it is believed that the pink dolphin or buffer transforms itself at night into a handsome male to seduce and then steal from the women, although to reproduce.

Legends abound in Latin America about the “tiger-men”, associated with jaguars, jaguars, otters, and pumas, as these are the most feared animals on the continent.

However, from a certain point of view, it would not be appropriate to call all the beings mentioned above as lycanthropes. Since, as can be seen from the etymology above, the word lycanthrope designates a werewolf.

The myth of werewolves seems to have originated in Europe and was closely linked with other superstitions and black magic. The myth is primarily male and, among the causes of a human being becoming a werewolf.

Download Werewolf Coloring Pages PDF