Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages PDF

For cartoons and animations lovers, Mickey Mouse is certainly the most popular character. The anthropomorphic mouse character is indeed attached to The Walt Disney Company, which is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world today.

Mickey Mouse always usually appears paired with female mouse characters, Minnie Mouse. In addition, Mickey and Minnie are often seen with other characters such as Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

Our children need to learn from Mickey how to enjoy life. Besides that, our children always know how to be optimistic and carefree when facing problems. But children also must always be prepared and dare to face these problems. 

  • Donald Duck

Donald Duck is Mickey’s friend, a person who is always optimistic and always full of hope. He is a very tenacious creature. Even when he had lazy time, he chooses to do something he could.

Well, that way children can learn to always keep hope. That hope motivates them to give their best in achieving something. In addition, Donald Duck also teaches our student about the importance of setting goals and steps to achieve them.

  • Goofy

This one dog cartoon character is known to be careless and childish, even considered by people as the main trouble maker. But make no mistake; he is a dog which likes to try something new. Actually he was also loved for his sincere concern and sympathy.

The Mickey Mouse and friends coloring pages are very fit for the children to learn about coloring subject. We can tell them the characters of the cartoon figure. Beside that children will courage to color them because Mickey mouse and friends character are very familiar to them.

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