Solar System Coloring Pages PDF

We’ve collected some beautiful coloring pictures of the universe for you. On this page, there is a solar system coloring pages for you. Everything under the influence of the Sun’s attraction belongs to the solar system.

One star belongs to the solar system. That is the Sun; nine planets move around the Sun. In order of increasing distance from the Sun, these are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. All of them are here in the coloring pictures below. Have fun.

Solar System Coloring Pages for Kids

The moment above created a ring of dust and ice with close to the Sun more gravel and further away from the Sun more ice and other light (liquid) particles. These particles slowly clumped together into ever more massive clogs, and after millions of years, these clogs eventually formed the nine planets we know today.

In our solar system, the Sun is the only celestial body that gives light. All other heavenly bodies reflect that light and are therefore sometimes visible. Eight planets plus many dwarf planets orbit around the Sun.

The time it takes for a planet to orbit once around the Sun is called the orbital period. The orbital period is also called a year. The orbital period depends on the distance and move speed between the planet and the Sun.

The planets that are closer to the Sun have a shorter orbital period. Except that the planets orbit around the Sun, they also orbit around their axis. The time it takes for a planet to orbit around its axis is called the rotation time. The rotation time is also called a day.

Download Solar System Coloring Pages PDF