Zombie Coloring Pages PDF To Print

A terrifying image of a zombie to color is here. Please print and color this scary image for having fun your day. Please enjoy.

A zombie is the representation of a corpse that, in one way or another, can resurrect or come back to life. Many of the different relationships shown with one of them is a legendary figure typical of the voodoo cult.

Zombie Coloring Pages To Print

Within the voodoo and oral Haitian tradition, the concept of the zombie has great importance which considering how an idea participates in the representation of the body, the soul, and the otherness.

The figure of the zombie in Haiti may also have emerged as a receptacle or representation of the fear. It caused by slavery and its consequences within the island and has been linked, in its origin, to mesmerism.

Through literature and travel journals, the figure of the zombie became part of the world’s popular culture. Still, it can be said that “from its first appearances in literature, the word zombie was already associated with mourning, death, and slavery”.

One of the most memorable zombie appearances on television is Michael Jackson’s 1983 video Thriller, which features zombies dancing with the singer. This scene has been paid many tributes to and has become an essential image of mass popular culture in general.

Zombies have also appeared in individual chapters of series such as The Simpsons, South Park, and Invader Zim.

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