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A vampire is a living dead person endowed with enormous strength and power, who maintains his immortality by drinking the blood of living beings.

Scary Vampire Coloring Pages

She gave birth to nothing but evil spirits, and so she was nicknamed the “Monster of the Night. She was famous for her blood feasts night after night and is even said to have seduced men in their sleep to increase her evil offspring, known as succubi.

The second theory points to Cain as the original vampire. Hence vampires are also known as “Cainites”. When Cain killed his brother Abel, he was banished to the lands of Nod, and there he was condemned to wander around carrying a curse.

He would fear the sun for life and feel an insatiable thirst for blood. In his exile, he met Lilith, who taught him to channel the power of blood to increase his strength as a vampire.

Vampires have always been associated with the figure of the bat. This association may also have its origin in the Transylvanian areas, where bats bit living beings to suck out their blood. It is thought that they transmitted rabies, and that is why infected humans also began to suck and spread the disease to other living beings.

The truth is that some vampires can transform themselves into bats naturally, just as a Lycanthrope does. This form allows them to escape from an enemy quickly or even enter the homes of mortals without their consent, which they cannot do when they are in their vampire form unless they receive a formal invitation.

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