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If you like coloring in the alphabet, you will be happy to find beautiful drawings on this page. Alphabet coloring images are available just for you.

The word alphabet comes from the Latin alphabetum, which itself comes from the Greek, alpha, and beta being the names of the first two Greek letters.

ABC Coloring Pages

The alphabet is a series of signs called letters used to write down sounds. There are twenty-six letters, and we distinguish consonants from vowels.
These letters come together to form syllables.

It is essential to distinguish between lower and upper case letters. Please do not mix them up! Only the first word of a sentence or proper nouns (names of countries, cities, people) are capitalized.

When you put together a vowel with one or more consonants, you get one syllable. The word syllable comes from the Greek word sullabĂȘ, which comes from the verb sullambanein, meaning to gather. The syllable is, therefore, most often a collection of several letters.

However, sometimes a syllable is made up of at least one and only one vowel and, not always, but very often, one or more consonants placed either before or after the vowel. You must remember that it always takes only one vowel to make a syllable.

The consonant is what can be added to this vowel to make a syllable. It is besides the very first meaning of the word consonant, which in Latin means who sounds with, whose sound is added.

The twenty-six letters of the alphabet make it possible to construct thousands of words. Words are therefore built with letters, and everything seems simple, but the problem is there is a big difference between what we write and what we hear, that is to say, between letters (the spelling) and sounds. So you have to learn how to spell, literally write straight.

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