Learning Alphabet Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

On this page, you can teach your children reading. It is because there is a collection of alphabet coloring pictures here. Please browse this page to get them.

The first alphabet was created in Greece 3000 years ago. The word comes from the first two Greek letters “Alpha” and “Beta”.

Alphabet Coloring Pages For Kids

Since the Middle Ages, the alphabet consists of the 26 letters from A to Z and the umlauts ä, ö and ü. In Germany and Austria, there is also the “ß”.

In English, we also use the word alphabet, which has referred to the first three letters of the Latin alphabet: a, b and c.

An alphabet is a writing system that is used to represent a language graphically, and it does so by using symbols that represent the sounds of the oral language.

Some alphabets, such as the Latin one, represent all phonemes individually, and the signs we use are what we call letters.

We also have syllabic alphabets, like some Japanese alphabets, in which the symbols do not correspond to phonemes but syllables of the oral language.

Other forms of writing are not considered alphabets. They are composed of pictograms that have a meaning in themselves, so they represent ideas and not sounds as in a real alphabet. These writing systems are known as logographic systems.

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