Easter Egg Coloring Pages for Kids PDF

With the Easter holidays, there are undoubtedly many activities to do with the children, but this is a simple craft that we can take advantage of to get a pleasant atmosphere during these dates.

Print and color the Easter coloring pictures will encourage your children to do a different activity this year, apart, of course, from eating the traditional “monkey” with its egg. An old-fashioned boiled egg or a chocolate egg, but in moderation.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages for Kids

It arose as a consequence of the abstinence that the Catholic Church ordered to be kept during Lent. During this period, Christians could not eat meat, eggs, or dairy products.

Therefore, when Lent was over, the faithful gathered in front of the churches and gave away eggs decorated with colors and festive motifs, since Jesus Christ had been reborn and abstinence had to be lifted and celebrated.

Let us also remember that with Easter, spring returns, the fields are green again, and the animals begin to reproduce. It is not by chance, then, that the egg, symbol of new life, is associated with the hope of the fertility of the soil and the crops.

Today it has become a custom to give chocolate eggs as gifts. Some people hide them for children to look for them. Sometimes it can be accompanied by other surprises, such as a cuddly toy.

To the tradition of giving Easter eggs, a character called the Easter Bunny had been added, who is in charge of bringing the eggs, just as Santa Claus brings the presents at Christmas. These eggs are sometimes hidden around the house for children to find, as a game.

Both the eggs and the rabbit are considered symbols of life and fertility. The egg, for example, represents the beginning of life, while the rabbit is an animal appreciated for its high reproductive capacity.

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