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What color is the basketball? Basketballs are usually red-brown. In the category Basketball, you will find different motifs about sports to print and color in.

Put your creative skills into practice and try to guess the solution from the drawings below!

Basketball Coloring Pages

Basketball is played divided into two teams of five players each, with 5 to 7 players depending on its league’s rules. The winner is the team who score the highest point.

A match is divided into four periods of 10 minutes each according to FIBA (Europe) rules, four periods of 12 minutes according to NBA (America) rules. Time is stopped at each whistle of the referee. Each team may replace one or more players during breaks and time-outs.

At the beginning of the game, the “ball of two” is raised. One player from each team (usually the one jumping the most or the highest) positions himself within the midfield circle in front of his opponent and facing the basket where he must attack. The referee throws the ball over the two jumping players who must hit the ball with one hand trying to pass it to a team-mate. At this point, the match begins.

The players must play the ball with their hands. Contact between the ball and any part of the leg is forbidden and constitutes a violation.

There is no the absolute position of the ball that counts, but a player can save the ball as the crow flies off the field by jumping off the field (without touching the boundary line) before the ball bounces off the field.

Unlike football, the playing time is effective. There is no recovery and a siren sounds at the last second of each period. A shooting attempt is valid if a player throws the ball before the siren sounds.

An extra time of 5 minutes will be played if the score draws. A second extra time will be played if the score still draws and so on until one team wins. A draw in basketball does not exist.

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