Ghost Rider Coloring Pages PDF

You can get The Ghost Rider coloring pictures on this page. Please choose the images you like below then color them with your favorite colors, happy coloring.

The story is similar to the traditional one and is linked to Mephisto, but dates back to 1,000,000 BC, connecting directly with the plot of the Avengers series.

Ghost Rider Coloring Pages

Already in prehistory, some humans were much more intelligent than others and even able to speak a language: one of them was the first Rider.

His tribe lived in a cave, which was found and conquered by a group of much more evolved men. After enslaving the entire tribe, these men gave the future Rider a particular name: Ghost.

Later the group of men came to exterminate the entire population (literally devouring people), but Ghost managed to save himself. Intent on taking revenge against those responsible for this gesture, Ghost started a real manhunt…but with little results.

On the verge of death, he was approached by a talking snake, which convinced him to say the word “Mephisto” in exchange for powers.

In doing so, Ghost became the first spirit of Vengeance, began to ride a flaming Mammoth, and concentrated all his efforts on revenge, terrorizing from time to time the other humans who started to call him “The Rider”.

After many sacrifices, Ghost finally managed to find the man who devoured his tribe, who turned before his eyes into the first Wendigo ever!

During the fight, the Rider assembled the bones of the people killed by the Wendigo to form a weapon, the primordial version of the famous chain used by the Spirit of Revenge, thanks to which he defeated the beast.

The Rider came into contact with Odin and the Phoenix, forming the first Avengers formation in history.

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