Horse Coloring Pages PDF

Horses are animals that have a character like humans, it is very sensitive can be unfriendly, wild, difficult to set, and can also be friendly even obey what people command, depending on their treatment.

Previously, horses were one of the most expensive vehicles, because they could run fast for any purpose, such as fighting, delivering expeditions, trading, horse racing and so on, so don’t be surprised if horses are the pets of the kings.

Horse Coloring Pages Collection

Fact About Horse

  1. Have the biggest eye among all land mammals. With a diameter of about 3.4 cm, the eye of the horse is the largest among all land mammals. It shows the cuteness of this creature.
  2. Can sharpen the smell by ‘laughing’. Have you ever seen a horse showing its teeth? Many people think that is the way the horse ‘laughs’, but the fact is not the case. horses do that, so they can better detect odors using vomeronasal organs near their mouths.
  3. Communicate with voice, facial expressions, and ears. Horses are creatures whose faces are famously expressive. Like humans, horses are social creatures. The wild Horses live in groups, and to communicate with each other, they not only use sound but also facial expressions.
  4. Drink very much. Horses are big fans of water. They can drink 5 to 10 gallons of water per day, and that number can increase considerably during hot weather.
  5. Can sleep lying or standing. Horses are very flexible animals about sleep. They can sleep while lying or standing. To sleep well the horses will sleep while lying down, but they only need to sleep well for only a few minutes per day.
  6. The power is used for power units. The horse has always been known as a strong animal. They are often utilized by their energy, especially as a means of transportation.

Those are interesting facts about horses that children need to know. It turns out that this animal is very unique and beneficial to humans. By using it as coloring page picture, you can explain to the children about their uniqueness and benefit. So, It’s reasonable enough to make them as learning media in coloring pages.

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