Naruto Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you’ll find fantastic images from the Naruto Coloring Cartoons. Manga fans will take any opportunity they can to get involved with their favorite character, Naruto. You will see a great close-up of his face.

Naruto is a teenage ninja apprentice from Konoha’s Hidden Village. He starts with little hope of reaching his goal, but it is his courage and ability to surprise everyone that makes him the number one ninja to catch his enemies off guard.

Naruto Coloring Pages

Naruto is characterized by being hyperactive, easily euphoric, impulsive, and suffers from attention span. He always gets into comical situations and always seeks to bring a smile to those who are in some more critical and complicated cases.

Naruto has suffered from prejudice and loneliness in childhood, developing a craving for recognition and acceptance. To achieve this, he would challenge himself throughout the village and claim that one day he would have the title of Hokage.

From a very young age, he has suffered the contempt of everyone in the village, as many looks at him as if he were the demon of the nine tails, who destroyed the town so many years ago.

But Naruto has a strong determination and adds up all his efforts to be respected and accepted. It is a difficult task because great days of sadness strike at his desire to be the best.

Years before, from the point where the story begins, a mighty mythological creature known as the Kyūbi, is locked up in the body of the little Naruto.

He did not realize that the Kyūbi is locked up inside him, but when he turns 12, before his graduation from the ninja academy, he has an encounter with an evil ninja named Mizuki, who ends up revealing the truth to him.

From then on, he struggles with a new reality, but Naruto has a strong character that drives him to keep going and not forget his goal: to be Hokage.

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