Peter Pan Coloring Pages PDF

Peter Pan lives together with his little fairy called Tinkerbell back in Never Land. Get the coloring pictures of Peter Pan on this page. You can choose your favorites the color them as you like, happy coloring.

One day, Peter left Neverland to fly around and began to hear a sweet voice, the voice of a little girl telling a story. He was curious, went to that girl’s window, and fell in love at first sight!

Peter Pan Coloring Pages

And they went flying hand in hand with Peter Pan and delighted with all that was happening and not believing they were flying. For Peter, that was the most normal thing in the world.

Wendy and her brothers met the Indian village, sighted the pirate ship, and saw the lost boys. All that from up there.

Suddenly, Captain Hook spots Peter Pan and his new friends and sends cannons towards them. Wendy, at this moment, is almost hit and throws himself off balance and threatens to fall.

However, Peter holds her down, causing the two of them to fall more and more in love.

Peter, Wendy, and her brothers manage to escape and go to hide in the house of the lost children. They lived inside a hollow tree and wore torn clothes.

They enchanted themselves with Wendy and her smell. Wendy seeing that they had never had contact with a girl, started telling them beautiful stories.

One beautiful day, Captain Hook kidnapped the Indian Princess. Everyone mobilized, and Peter Pan saved her from Captain Hook. Time passed and not satisfied, Captain set up the plan to capture the lost boys this time, and he succeeded!

He kidnapped them and took them to his ship. There, he would throw them into the sea to be swallowed by the crocodile Tic Tac.

But when the worst was going to happen, Peter Pan came along and saved his friends. He fights bravely against Captain Hook and wins the battle.

Wendy then asks to return with his brothers to his home, as his parents should be worried. Peter Pan then takes them. Upon arriving at Wendy’s house, her brothers enter, and she stays to bid Peter Pan his last farewell.

They talk, and she asks if he doesn’t want to stay there with them. He says no because Never Land is his home, and there he wouldn’t grow up and could live forever as a child.

He says goodbye to Wendy and flies. She watches him through the window, gazes at him, and asks him quietly that he never stops looking out for her.

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