Toy Story Coloring Pages PDF

There are beautiful images from Toy Story to color, paint, and print on this page. Led by Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody, Andy’s magic toys have lots of beautiful adventures to keep them living in their owner’s heart.

Toy Story tells the misadventures of 6-year-old Andy’s toys. They fear that, with the arrival of their new birthday gift, they will be replaced in their owner’s heart.

Toy Story Coloring Pages

The first Toy Story movie was released in 1995. In the film, we met cowboy Woody and astronaut Buzz Lightyear, little Andy’s two favorite toys, as well as others from the many toys that filled his room, such as Ham, a piggy bank, Mr. and Mrs. Potato, dinosaur Rex, shepherdess Bo Beep.

In the second part, released in 1999, new characters appeared for the first time, such as cowgirl Jessie, and so in the next movie, there is a new character.

Woody is a cowboy doll that he pulls a string to talk. Buzz is an astronaut who travels through outer space in search of adventure. It’s Andy’s new gift.

Other toys include Mr. Potato, dog Slinky, Tyrannosaurus Rex, piggy bank Hamm, shepherdess Bo Beep, army staff sergeant, cowgirl Jessie, and the black Magic 8-Ball. In the movie part 3, woody and friends no longer belonging to Andy, but the story continues with their newest owner, Bonnie.

Toy Story is the famous saga in which toys come to life, and in each one, new characters come to live adventures. The fourth production was released on June 21st, and this one was no exception.

This time, Bonnie, the child protagonist, has to start a new stage in her life: preschool. But she doesn’t feel ready and, in her classroom, she feels alone.

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