A huge Collection of Star Wars Coloring Pages

Are your children a Star Wars lover? This legendary film indeed attracts many people of all ages. Since the release of the first Star Wars “A New Hope” in 1977 has indeed hit the genre of fiction films that turned out to be very popular. It’s no wonder that every newly released Star Wars film was invaded by many people.

The spread of Star Wars fever also applies in Indonesia. Not only movies, there are so many unique items that have sprung up like Star Wars, such as  umbrellas,or lamps to light saber-shaped toys!

A huge Collection of Star Wars Coloring Pages

The coolest film of its time

In addition to a cool graphic display, costumes, world design, and the equipment in this film looks very sophisticated. Watching it makes us feel like we are actually venturing into space. This film also created a very large merchandise industry which was then copied by other films. Countless trillions generated from sales of merchandise alone, from the 70s until now.

Iconic characters

The characters in Star Wars have their own uniqueness. And there is always a reason for children to like them even for bad characters. Star Wars is not only about Good against Evil, but also unique human sides such as family relationships, temptations, trials, and sadness. Apparently these sides are very touching for the audience and children.

The uniqueness of this character will make our children fascinated and admired with some character in this film so that this movie characters are very proper for coloring pages media. Children will be enthusiastic in coloring them.