Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages PDF

Tom and Jerry is a famous cartoon character. A cat and a mouse who spend all their time fighting and messing with each other. You can’t stop laughing because of the two, the mouse is the smarter one, and the poor cat is always suffering from the mouse’s mischief.

Tom and Jerry are two animated characters, a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry) written and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Have you ever seen an episode of this Hanna Barbera series? Now you can find this funniest character in the coloring pictures below.

Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages

The results of their fights can vary. Sometimes Tom wins, in others Jerry and some occasions they lose both.

The story is basically about Tom’s attempts to catch Jerry, either because he’s hungry, because Jerry asked for it, on his owner’s orders, or just for the pleasure of a good chase. Usually, these attempts lead to beatings and destruction, and that’s only one of its great attractions.

Tom and Jerry is the cartoon that most uses violence as a comedy showing Tom using everything from axes to rifles to catch Jerry, and the latter using pretty wild measures to get rid of him, like burning his tail with a waffle iron.

Unlike the Coyote and the Roadrunner, there are times when Tom succeeds in catching Jerry. However, usually, this is not the case due to Jerry’s cunning or Tom’s stupidity, and that is because the mouse is not a victim of circumstance but rather quite provocative and instigating with Tom, who is no saint either.

A distinctive feature is that usually, neither of them speaks, demonstrating their intentions and feelings through gestures and facial expressions. The few cases in which their voices are heard are when they laugh or scream in pain.

There are a few cases where Tom speaks, but it is only to say a short sentence or sing. Another way to show what happens in the short film is through music.

This is one of the essential elements of the series, giving the story intensity in the action scenes and showing emotions when the scene requires it.

The musician Scott Bradley was in charge of this one, creating original pieces for each episode mixing jazz, blues, classical, and popular music.

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