Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages PDF

Coloring Alice in Wonderland is a fantastic picture for coloring with characters and stories from the fairy tale. It tells about the adventures of the girl Alice in a magical land. Many different films and cartoons have been made based on this work, so the characters’ images are slightly different.

Here you will find Alice’s coloring in Wonderland from Disney cartoon and film. Children of different ages, both boys and girls, will be happy to paint Alice’s coloring.

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages

The work, which served as the basis for coloring Alice in Wonderland, has been repeatedly criticized, some experts believe that it was written by the author in a state of stupefied consciousness.

When she finally lands, she sees the White Rabbit again, but when she turns a corner, Alice is trapped in a dark corridor. She wants to escape, but she’s too big. Alice gently starts drinking a bottle that says, “Write me” and begins to shrink to the size of a tiny door.

The rabbit runs past again, dropping the fan and gloves. Alice lifts them and begins to swing, happily knowing that she is shrinking again and crying in her tears.

Alice swims to the shore with her mouse, Lori, duck, and dodo trying to find a way to dry; they have a race on the coconuts, a race without a clear beginning and without a clear end where everyone wins.

The White Rabbit runs to the group anxiously, looking for his fan and gloves. Alice is looking for the pair she found earlier, but they have disappeared along with the hallway, table, and door.

As she curiously asks why they are doing this, the procession of the king and queen approaches. The queen invites Alice to play croquet, a very confusing game .

Alice never knows when her turn, and the queen always shouts: “Off with head” for every mistake. Alice’s last moments in Wonderland are in the courtroom of the king and queen.

Just as all the cards fall on her and Alice fights them, she awakes to find her sister still lying on the shore. Alice’s sister admires Alice’s imagination and even closes her eyes to dream of the wonderful adventures themselves.

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