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Dragons are a common designation for mythological creatures in the form of giant reptiles. This creature appears in various cultures. In general, the shape of a large snake, but some are described as winged lizards who have several heads and can breathe fire. Dragons are believed to be conquered through music.

Dragons, in various civilizations known as dragon (English), draken (Scandinavian), Liong (Chinese), are known as superior creatures that resemble snakes, sometimes spitting fire, their habitat in all spaces (water, land, air). Although the depictions of their form are different, in general the specifications of the creature are described as supernatural beings.

Dragon Coloring Pages Collection

Minangkabau culture recognizes the fairytale of Sianok canyon created by the Dragon. The dragon-shaped decoration is also very closely related to Javanese culture, generally found in gamelan, temple doors and archway, as a symbol of guard.

The Dayaks also depicted Naga as ruler of the underworld, and hornbills as ruler of the upper world. Dragons in eastern civilization have a place of honor, because even though they have tremendous power that can destroy, they are not arbitrary and can even protect.

Dragon or Snake, in the view of most Indonesians, is considered a symbol of the underworld. Before the Hindu Age (Neolithicum), in Indonesia there was an assumption that this world was divided into two parts, namely the underworld and the upper world, and each of them had conflicting characteristics.

The underworld is symbolized by the earth, moon, dark, water, snakes, turtles, crocodiles. While the world above is symbolized by the sun, light, above, horse, eagle.

Such a view is also almost evenly distributed throughout the Asian nation. In the Mahabarata story and the views of most Indonesians themselves before the Hindu Age, dragons or snakes are always associated with water, while water is absolutely necessary as a means of agriculture.

The story and the shape behind this creature is very fascinating, so this creature is very proper to be a coloring pages media for the children.

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